Samsung stops selling Galaxy S20 to the world

Samsung has started the transition from the Galaxy S20 to the Galaxy S21. The old range is no longer available for sale on its official merchant website. A decision that can be explained by more interesting prices on the side of the S21, and this for better performance.

Samsung galaxy s20
Credit: Daniel Romero / Unsplash

It’s been a few days since the Galaxy S21 was officially presented and, already, its predecessor seems to have bequeathed its place. On the Samsung merchant site, the Galaxy S20 is displayed in sold out. Only the FE model of the smartphone is still available. This absence seems to touch the whole world, both the United States and Europe. Although we can easily imagine that the Korean firm wants to focus on the sale of its new flagship, this abandonment of the Galaxy S20 may seem a bit quick.

However, this decision stems from a reasoning ultimately quite logical. On the one hand, the Galaxy S20 achieved disappointing sales scores throughout 2020. On the other hand, its successor is in every way more interesting for users: the new premium range is cheaper, while its performance is better. In this context, it is not surprising that Samsung expects its customers to shun the Galaxy S20 for the new model, the latter having no substantial argument against the three Galaxy S21s.

Samsung says goodbye to the Galaxy S20

So it was only a matter of time before the Galaxy S20 disappeared from sales platforms. The FE version is indeed the only one to make the weight facing new arrivals, with its much better price-performance ratio than its upscale neighbors. On the other hand, even the latter could prematurely leave its place if a Galaxy S21 FE were to emerge.

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The Galaxy S20 will probably remain available for a longer period of time on other retail sites, such as Amazon or Cdiscount. Smartphones could then see their price drop in order to increase sales. However, the Galaxy S21, on average 100 € cheaper on the different models, risk of winning the bet on the year 2021.