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Samsung Smart Switch4.1

Free and intuitive, Samsung Smart Switch is an effective tool for migrating data from an old Android, iOS or BlackBerry phone to a new Samsung device. We would simply have preferred that the data of the applications be recovered as with Helium of Clockworkmod but in the state, this is not the case. But Samsung is at least making the effort to offer a functional and user-friendly tool.

How to migrate data from your old phone to a new Galaxy S7? This is what we will see in this tutorial video. In the Galaxy S7 box, Samsung has the good taste to provide a USB OTG (On The Go) adapter. By coupling it to the micro USB cable also provided, you can migrate the data from your old phone via a wired link from USB to USB. This manipulation is made possible thanks to the Smart Switch application which allows you to recover data from an Android type phone, but also iOS (iPhone) or BlackBerry.

In practice, once the cable is connected to the old phone and to the Galaxy S7, Smart Switch must be installed on the old phone (the program is available via the Play Store). On your blank S7, the program is preinstalled, but you must open the Samsung store (a widget is present by default on the home screen) to download the latest version of the program.

Once everything is in place, a very easy to use assistant takes you in hand on the target phone and source phone. The latter will offer you to choose your scenario (type of telephone to recover), and will ask you to choose the elements to be transferred (SMS, contacts, etc.).

If you were using a Google account on the previous phone, it is best not to migrate contacts and calendar entries to avoid the risk of duplicates. These elements will anyway be retrieved from the Google “cloud” after entering your account data, and synchronizing the Galaxy S7.

Less obvious, but just as important: recovering programs is not necessarily relevant. Indeed, Smart Switch is not able to transfer data from applications (game backups, etc.). In addition, after transfer, reinstalling applications is very long (allow 45 minutes for 5 GB of data!). Conclusion: if you have a fast enough Internet connection (ADSL via Wi-Fi or 4G), the recovery of your applications may be faster via download.