Samsung refuses to supply 5G modems

Samsung refuses to supply 5G modems

Apple, apparently, does not seem in a great hurry to offer a 5G compatible iPhone. But behind the scenes, things are more complex than it seems for the Californian brand.

Thus, the recent clashes between Apple and Qualcomm have led the founder to refuse to supply the brand in 5G modems for its next models. The brand then turned to Intel, which unfortunately currently still lags behind in the production of its various chips, and we now know that no 5G modem signed by Intel will be installed in mobiles before 2020.

iPhone XR

Apple has therefore turned to Samsung as a last resort … And the answer will have been the same as with Qualcomm since the South Korean manufacturer would also have refused to supply Apple with 5G chips. If Samsung provides Apple with OLED screens, there is no question of installing its Exynos 5100 chips in American terminals … However, there is no question of wishing to harm Apple, simply Samsung does not have still sufficient production capacity to meet its own needs, it is therefore natural that the brand does not yet offer its chips to third-party manufacturers.

Remedies for Apple are currently limited since the brand refuses to consider the Huawei solution even though the brand is the subject of several blockages by the US government. Apple may therefore have to approach Intel anyway, even if it means investing jointly with the founder to speed up the production of its chips and their development, because for the moment, modems signed by Intel are not very efficient and still unstable.