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Samsung ready to supply foldable screens to Apple


Posted: March 4 2019
Updated: March 3, 2019

by Steve

Unveiled on February 20, Galaxy Fold of Samsung has definitely turned the smartphone market upside down. Having been the first manufacturer to officially draw innovation has placed it at the top of this advanced technology. Even if, in the eyes of the general public, Huawei has already done better with its Mate X, revealed a few days after the Galaxy Fold…

Still, as a leader in innovation, Samsung has decided to share it with its closest enemies. Including Apple. As surprising as it may seem, the South Korean brand is willing to share its foldable screens with the Californian company.

galaxy fold - Samsung ready to supply foldable screens to Apple

According to ETNews, the Korean supplier has already loaned copies of foldable screens to Apple, so that Apple can create its own prototypes of foldable phones. Only strangeness: the screen given by Samsung to Apple measures 7.2 inches, that of the Galaxy Fold is 7.3 inches. Not crazy the wasp.

These kinds of little gifts are more common than you might think. It was indeed Samsung that supplied its OLED screens to Apple when the latter decided to produce its iPhone X, XS and XS Max. He was also the sole supplier before LG came into the race; but the important factories of Samsung make that it remains the principal producer. Apple has not yet confirmed its intention to create a foldable iPhone, but the brand would be able to do so.