Samsung One UI 3.0: a bug prevents the display of battery data, here is the solution

It seems that the latest version of One UI is having some issues with the battery of smartphones. While some see their autonomy drastically reduced, others are unable to display the corresponding data. While waiting for a patch from Samsung, there is a simple and effective solution.

Samsung One UI

Deployed since December 2020, the latest version of the Samsung One UI 3.0 overlay is now installed on Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20. The rest of the Korean firm’s compatible devices will get the update current 2021. While One UI 3.0 brings new features and a redesigned interface, it also brings its share of bugs.

Some users report that the autonomy of their smartphone has drastically decreased since installing the update. Others claim that their widget Good Lock no longer works. That’s not all: it seems that a bug in the overlay prevents display of battery data since the transition to the new year. It is not yet known how many devices are affected. Fortunately, there is a temporary solution, pending a patch from Samsung.

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How to fix the battery data display bug?

As of January 1, 2021, data related to the battery is no longer displayed in Settings> Device maintenance, which could indicate a conflict between One UI 3.0 and the change of year. This hypothesis is confirmed when the bug no longer appears once the date has been configured on December 31, 2020.

To solve this problem, go to Settings> Applications> Your applications and click on View system apps, then on okay. Then scroll until you find Samsung Device Health Manager Service. In the submenu Storage, Press on Delete data.

This should be enough to make the battery data reappear. To verify that it worked, you just have to put your device to charge and take a look in the settings after a few minutes. Samsung has not yet communicated on the concerns faced by users of One UI 3.0. We hope that the bug will be fixed in the coming weeks, before other devices benefit from the update.

Source: SamMobile