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Samsung OLED panels for the next iPad and Macbook


Posted: June 25 2019
Updated: June 24, 2019

by Steve

Competition in the technology sector is sometimes very mysterious. While one might think thatApple and Samsung are constantly shooting each other, throwing themselves in the dark, it is sometimes surprising to note that multiple partnerships ultimately bind the two competitors. With his Samsung galaxy s10 lagging behind a iPhone XS for example, one might indeed think that the South Korean brand hates the Californian firm. But no! A contract between the two brands is about to be signed.

Already in charge of the production of OLED screens for iPhone X / XS and XS Max (!), Samsung earns a small percentage of money on each iPhone sale. Hence partnerships. And it turns out that Apple’s orders for its phones would be below the expected contract. To fill this gap, Apple could ask Samsung to produce its OLED panels for iPad and Macbook, according to ETNews.

Apple could also launch a 16-inch Macbook Pro and iPad Pro OLED by the year 2020. The Californian firm could thus democratize the OLED to all its products and thus use Samsung. Especially since the dark mode that arrives with iOS 13 could be in dire need of OLED technology. In short, Apple and Samsung, in the end: a great love story!