Samsung now supports RCS in Galaxy smartphones

Samsung is in the process of deploying an update that implements the RCS (Rich Communication Service) on the messaging of its phones by default. This new standard, which replaces SMS, brings many advantages. It was for the moment reserved only for a very small part of the users.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2
The Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung is rolling out a very exciting update that should be life changing for many users. Indeed, the RCS standard, which will replace the SMS, is now applied on Samsung’s proprietary mailbox.

So, if you are using Samsung’s Messages app (not Google’s), a little pop-up will appear when you open it. It will inform you that the application offers higher quality communications and you will just have to accept. For the moment, only a very small part of the users is concerned, but the update should be released gradually.

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Before that, you had to subscribe to a compatible operator to use RCS on Samsung smartphones. From now on, Everybody is concerned, since the thing goes through Google. The other manufacturers should also all gradually switch to this new standard in the coming months or years.

RCS brings big advantages over SMS

The RCS, for Rich Communication System, brings enormous advantages compared to the classic SMS, more and more neglected. The main difference, is that it relies on data instead of the cellular network. This means that you will be able to send messages even without a network if you have a WiFi connection.

Its use is close to what can be seen in applications such as WhatsApp. It is indeed possible to send images, Gifs, or even videos. It is also possible to react to the messages sent and to see if they have been read or not and at what time. In short, a much more flexible and fluid use than the aging SMS.

Samsung users will therefore be able to take full advantage of it via the manufacturer’s messaging system, provided they have of course received the dedicated update.