Samsung mocks Apple and RIM in new ad

In a new advertisement, the South Korean glove is once again trying to scratch Apple but is also attacking RIM and more particularly the new BlackBerry 10 OS, which is about to be launched.


In its advertisements, Samsung has taken the habit of tickling its competitors rather than highlighting the features of its products. The South Korean manufacturer is putting a layer on it today with its new spot in which it is trying to scratch Apple again but the Canadian manufacturer RIM also takes it for its grade. Indeed, the spot features mobile game developers who can easily work thanks to the increased performance of the Galaxy Note 2. The message for Samsung is clear: It is present on all fronts while Blackberries are β€œhas-been” .

This is a new advertising spot, the broadcasting period of which is certainly not due to chance. Indeed, the Canadian manufacturer is about to launch its new OS (Blackberry 10). The latter will be made available on January 30. A low blow for RIM which has more and more of the chick to be seen given the low sales of its products.

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