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Samsung may be supplier of the Apple A9 but TMSC is already targeting the Apple A10

After having been during the beginnings of the iPhone the exclusive supplier of its processors, the group Samsung was dispossessed of this mastery by the Taiwanese competitor TSMC for the Apple A8 of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Apple A8 Chipworks 03 A blow all the harsher since Apple smartphones sold at record levels in 2014. However, with the entry into service of its engraving technology 14 nm FinFET, the Korean group should regain control of the processor Apple A9 that will equip iOS mobile products this year.

The semiconductor giant has teamed up with GlobalFoundries to ensure availability of its 14nm engraving as soon as possible and to take short TSMC and its engraving technology 16 nm FinFET which will not be fully available until the third quarter of 2015.

For the rest, it may be TSMC that could return as Apple's main supplier for the processor Apple A10 of 2016. In addition to 16nm FinFET engraving, TSMC will offer a technology InFO-WLP ((Integrated Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging) which should be available in 2015 and ready for mass production from 2016.

Note that the announcement of the new architecture ARM Cortex-A72 which will equip the 2016 smartphone processors has been validated with a 16 nm FinFET engraving technology, giving TSMC an advantage for orders from the first market players who will switch to this technology.