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Samsung makes fun of Apple fanboys again in an advertisement

Samsung makes fun of Apple fanboys again in an advertisement

In a new advertisement, the South Korean glove is once again trying to scratch Apple on the field of fanboys and the iPhone 5.


Samsung is clearly not finished with its strategy to enhance the image of Apple and its products. And to achieve this, the South Korean glove operates in the greatest of finesse by once again staging actors playing the role of fanboys from Apple in an advertisement. In this new 90-second spot, we can see onlookers queuing in front of several Apple Stores in order to probably get the iPhone 5. This is when they are approached by users of the latest Galaxy S3 who come to praise its functionality of document sharing (Beam) obviously opposes the enthusiasm inevitably “imbecile” of the fanboys Apple ecstasy in front of the new port Lightning or the port of the helmet now located at the bottom of the device.

So this is not the first time that Samsung has tried to scratch Apple this field. However, it must be noted that it does this less and less implicitly, without even being afraid of ending up in caricature representations and therefore without effects.

So it’s not certain that Apple’s rival’s message could convince this way. less than…

We discuss it on the forum.

The video: