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Samsung is already attacking the new iPad

Samsung is already attacking the new iPad

It only took a few hours for Samsung to already tackle Apple’s new iPad with initial comparative statistics against its competitor. Verdict of the Korean society? The big winner Galaxy Note by K.O.

Of course, the statistics are oriented, and do not take into account all the characteristics of the two devices. Still, for a future buyer who does not necessarily know much about it, the comparison table between the new iPad and the Galaxy Note 10.1 very easily directs its choice to the Samsung device. In addition to the many functions not available on iPad, Samsung notes some notable differences such as size, weight, mouse support and microSD which all play in favor of its tablet. All this for a device that will not be released until next June, while the new iPad will be available next week in some countries. Difficult to do better in aggressive marketing!

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(Source: imore)