Samsung invents a virtual keyboard using AI and the front camera

Image 1 : Samsung invente un clavier virtuel utilisant l’IA et la caméra frontale

CES 2020 is about to start and it is on this occasion that Samsung will present SelfieType, a virtual keyboard application using the front camera and an artificial algorithm.

Image 1: Samsung invents a virtual keyboard using AI and the front camera

How to type long texts with two hands on a small smartphone and without having to afford a Galaxy Fold? Samsung has a solution: SelfieType.

Samsung turns front camera into virtual keyboard

SelfieType is described by Samsung in his press release like ” a virtual keyboard using the front camera. SelfieType’s artificial engine analyzes finger movements from the camera and converts them to QWERTY keyboard input. SelfieType requires no additional hardware and easily adapts to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. ”

We understand the interest of the software. If necessary, it is therefore possible to place your smartphone, potentially not only those from the manufacturer such as the Galaxy S11 which could be called S20, in a position that allows him to film the hands of the user on a table to instantly transform it into a virtual keyboard. However, it will perfectly know the positions of the keys on a real keyboard to be able to use it. However, it is difficult to understand why someone would use it with a laptop, a physical keyboard being much more efficient and comfortable. Likewise for tablets with a removable keyboard like the Galaxy Tab S6, a 5G version has just been announced.

It is within the framework of its incubation programs that Samsung will present 9 solutions during CES 2020: 5 from C-Lab Inside and 4 from C-Lab Outside. C-Lab Inside, from which SelfieType came out, has been encouraging since 2012 the creativity of its employees. Some of them then launch themselves as creators of start-ups. C-Lab Outside is a 2018 program in which the Korean manufacturerhelp start-ups to achieve a viable commercial product and make them gain visibility.

Source: Samsung