Samsung Galaxy S21: a 30 Watt charger could be sold separately

Samsung could well offer fast charging at 30 Watts with its new Galaxy S21. However, the Korean manufacturer could deliver this charger separately. A bit of a strange strategy, given that the S21 should be equipped with a 25 Watt charger by default.

The Galaxy S20 Plus

Fast charging has become a new selling point for smartphone manufacturers. Samsung rushed into it, for example by offering a fast charge of 25 Watts for its latest flagships, such as the S20, Z Fold 2 or Note 20. The Galaxy S21 could well go a little further.

According to Sammobile, the Galaxy S21 should be well equipped a 25 Watt chargers, thus contradicting previous leaks which evoked a phone sold without, in the manner of Apple. However, Samsung could sell a 30 Watt charger separately for those who want it. More so, it would seem that this charger is sold at a very affordable price (without specifying it) and without a USB cable. This seems logical, since we – in general – all already have one or more cables of this type at home.

The interest of a 30 Watt charger seems limited

We find it hard to see the interest for Samsung in releasing this 30 Watt charger on the market, for two reasons. The first is that the company already sells a 45 Watt fast charger, for the moment only dedicated to the Galaxy Note 20 Plus and the S20 Ultra. The second is quite simply that the gain provided by this charger could not change much. With a 25 Watt charger, a Galaxy S20 is recharged for example in just over an hour. With 5 Watts more, we could save just a few minutes. We can take the example of the OnePlus 8T which, equipped with a 65 Watts charger, is recharged from 0 to 100% in just over 45 minutes.

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Anyway, we should be fixed shortly. Indeed, the Galaxy S21, or Galaxy S30, should be announced during the month of January. An early unveiling compared to other years, given that Samsung must catch up with a year 2020 weighed down by the coronavirus.

Source: Sammobile