Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Android KitKat: how to fix problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Android KitKat: how to fix problems

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has recently been experiencing multiple problems? Synchronization of emails or contacts, impressive battery loss, impossible WiFi network, applications that suddenly stop working … Look no further: this is the recent Android 4.4.2 KitKat update. If for some, this update works perfectly, others live a real nightmare: here's how to get out.

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The Android 4.4.2 update creates a lot of problems on the Galaxy Note 3. / AndroidPIT

Note: Samsung has not yet made a statement about Android 4.4.2 update issues, so we do not know when a corrective update is scheduled. All the solutions presented here are taken from the experiences of users of our forum!

SD card and applications

With the new update, it is no longer possible to write on the SD card: applications such as Titanium Backup do nothing. Everything suggests that Samsung will certainly not come back on this decision. Two solutions are available:

FolderMount (ROOT)
Install on Google Play

Autonomy loss

Many users have experienced, since Android 4.4.2, a considerable loss of autonomy of their Note 3. When most have bought this device in the last six months, this can be particularly frustrating. Well unfortunately, there is no perfect solution found this day. One thing is safe though: it's useless to buy a new battery, that's not the problem.

You can try these various solutions:

JuiceDefender – battery saver
Install on Google Play

WiFi connection problems

Some report not being able to connect to their usual WiFi networks, or when the connection works, it becomes very unstable. Several solutions can help you:

  • Go in Settings <Connections <WiFi, click on your WiFi network. Click your Menu key and choose Forget. Then turn off the WiFi and turn it on a few minutes later. Insert the data from your new WiFi network, and this should work now.
  • Disable automatic network search in Parameters <WiFi <Menu <Advanced.
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Email synchronization problem

One of the biggest problems in Android 4.4.2 is the receipt of your emails: the synchronization you knew before 4.4.2 on Note 3 no longer takes place. This can be set simply by validating these steps:

  • Go in your Settings <Accounts <Google, and click on your Google Account. Check that the automatic synchronization is active or that the checkboxes Gmail, Contacts and Data of the Apps are well checked. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, be sure to do this on everyone.
  • Go in Settings <Accounts <Google, click Google+, and then click Automatic backup.
  • Check that the Synchronization is very active. You can see it in your notification bar, by clicking on the icon with the 4 squares at the top left: the button Synchro. must be activated.

Applications that do not work anymore

In Android 4.4.2, some applications that worked well under 4.3 suddenly stopped working. There can be several reasons this:

  • The application is not intended for Android 4.4.2. It's rare, but it happens. You can contact the developers of the application in question to ask them the reason for this malfunction, provided they are active enough to answer you.
  • Synchronizing application data (see above) can help your application run smoothly. Check that this box is ticked in Settings <Accounts <Google.
  • Clear the cache of your application in Parameters <Application Manager, select the dysfunctional application, and then click Clear Cache. You can also try to uninstall and reinstall the application.
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Google, Samsung / AndroidPIT

We thank the forum members for this article, especially Sbastien, An Drepit Tet and Sarah!

Do you know of any other problems with Android 4.4.2 on the Galaxy Note 3? Let's share it in the forum post!

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