Samsung Galaxy Note 10: a smartphone with four eyes?

Image 1 : Samsung Galaxy Note 10 : un smartphone à quatre yeux ?

Image 1: Samsung Galaxy Note 10: a smartphone with four eyes?

Samsung recently unveiled a new Galaxy series: the S10, S10 Plus, S10E and the Fold. If the company maintains its calendar, it will launch towards the end of the year a Galaxy Note 10. According to the SamMobile site, this smartphone would have 4 rear sensors.

A 5G version would be planned

In addition to the number of cameras, the SamMobile team found a serial number, the SM-975F. Based on this information, several observers believe that the next Note would also 5G connection.

In recent years, the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note have shared several things in common. However, the 5G version of the S10 has 4 rear sensors. The probability of finding this configuration on the Note 10 is then high. In the same logic, a design based onInfinity O screen would also be possible.

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Rumors will multiply before the official presentation. In the meantime, Samsung hopes that the Galaxy S10 would allow it to strengthen its place of market leader world of smartphones.