Samsung Galaxy Fold: a video not to break the foldable smartphone

Image 1 : Samsung Galaxy Fold : une vidéo pour ne pas casser le smartphone pliable

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was full of pitfalls: cases of misuse and design flaws were pointed out last February. To prevent this from happening again, the manufacturer publishes a getting started video.

Image 1: Samsung Galaxy Fold: a video not to break the foldable smartphone

Last February, when the Galaxy Fold passed into the hands of many testers, several cases of mishandling leading to damage to the smartphone were reported. Some, for example, tried to remove what appeared to them to be a protective film, irreparably damaging their screen.

To prevent the same inconvenience from happening again, Samsung has made some changes to its product, especially at the top layer of the screen and at the hinges.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will finally be released on September 6

A video to learn how to use the Galaxy Fold

But the manufacturer also decided to put a video presentation online. This is used both to promote your product and to explain to users how to use this Galaxy Fold, and what not to do with it.

Samsung explains for example that a screen protection is not necessary, and that one should not take off what exactly resembles such protection. In reality, it is the upper layer of the screen, essential for its proper functioning. The manufacturer also recalls that it is advisable to keep your smartphone protected from dust and water.

It is also not recommended to use metallic elements, which may interact with the magnets located on the edges. Samsung gives as an example coins, keys and even bank cards such as the Apple Card in titanium, without naming it.

A smarpthone sold at such a price necessarily requires very special care. But Samsung is also increasing the number of warnings in order to protect itself from possible complaints following false manipulations. The manufacturer also offers a Premium service intended to inform its customers and answer all their questions.