Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: their design leaked, a release scheduled for February 2021

The Galaxy Buds Pro’s in-ear design is confirmed in its leaked renderings. Indeed, it is very similar to that of the Galaxy Buds and Buds +, the purple color in addition. Samsung’s future wireless headphones are expected to release at the same time as the Galaxy S21s, in February of next year.

Galaxy buds pro design

New Galaxy Buds will be arriving alongside the Galaxy S21. While the revelations and rumors follow one another on this one, it is this time the next wireless headphones from Samsung that are the subject of a leak. Design of these appeared on Voice, which is already used to disseminating this kind of information about Samsung products.

The Galaxy Buds look more or less like their predecessors. In addition, the Korean firm has indeed opted for a return to intra design on its next headphones. They are therefore moving away from the appearance of the Galaxy Buds Live, especially since it seems that Samsung has chosen the purple as the main color. The design of the box is also similar to that of Galaxy Buds and Bud +. It seems that everything is made of silicone.

Galaxy Buds Pro set to release alongside Galaxy S21

Little is still known about their characteristics. Some reports claim that the headphones will be equipped with a 500 mAh battery, as well as functionality noise reduction, which wouldn’t be much of a surprise. It is likely that the Galaxy Buds Pro also offer the option Ambient Sound, already present on the Galaxy Buds +, which allows you to hear the surrounding noises. As for the rest, Samsung is still very quiet at the moment.

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We can nevertheless expect a launch at the same time as the Galaxy S21, in February 2021. As for their price, since it is possible that Samsung will lower the prices of its flagships by $ 100 compared to the S20, perhaps the brand has planned a similar strategy for the headphones. However, we will have to wait for the presentation of smartphones to be clear about it.

Galaxy buds pro box

Source: Voice