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Samsung forced to reveal its sales figures in the USA

Samsung forced to reveal its sales figures in the USA

In the mga trial between Apple Samsung and the United States, the two companies revealed this Thursday confidential documents concerning the total sales of smartphones and tablets of the two companies in the USA. A revelation which made it possible to highlight the great superiority of the sales volumes operated by Apple.


In an effort to leave the competition, analysts and speculator of all kinds in the dark, Samsung has been careful for several quarters not to reveal information about its sales figures for its smartphones and tablets. However, the defense of the South Korean company was forced to reveal its precious information this Thursday by judge Lucy Koh. A request also addressed Apple, which already provides a large part of its figures publicly and above all, its shareholders.

Thus, thanks to these documents revealed this Thursday to the jury, we learn that Apple has sold more than 85.9 million iPhones (all generations) since its launch in 2007. Sales which have generated a total turnover of 50.7 billion dollars (41.3 billion euros). Apple has also, since the launch in 2010, sold 32 million diPad, for a turnover of 19 billion dollars (15.5 billion euros).

For its part, Samsung has sold 21.2 million smartphones since 2010, on a very large catalog of 24 terminals covering all ranges, for revenues of 7.5 billion dollars (6.1 billion euros). The Galaxy S2 (Epic 4G Touch) sold 1.67 million copies, for 764 million dollars (622.5 million euros). Figures much lower than those of Apple, which become much more when the comparison goes to tablets.

Indeed, since the end of 2010, the South Korean glove has sank 1.4 million tablets, for 644 million dollars (525 million euros). The first Galaxy Tab sold 725,000 copies, for $ 325 million (265 million euros). The Galaxy Tab, it, sest 585,000 units, for a turnover of 237 million dollars (193 million euros).

Following this revelation, it is clear that the superiority of sales figures is indisputable for Apple on the American market. If these figures do not benefit Samsung commercially, they may help the firm estimate the harm caused by its products down.

note that the Galaxy S has lost 1.9 million copies. The number of units in each generation of iPhone is unknown, with Apple only showing consolidated figures.

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(Source: AllthinD )