Samsung executive declares love to Apple

Samsung executive declares love to Apple

Image 1: Samsung executive declares love to Apple

One of the leaders of Samsung, the world’s largest phone maker admits they’re not as strategic asApple.

The Cupertino company benefits from a better ecosystem than that of Samsung. That’s what said Young shon, strategic director of Samsung, during an interview with MIT Technology Review.

He explains that he only uses Apple devices at home. He thus has an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook and sings the praises of the symbiosis maintained between operating systems and Apple products. He adds that Samsung is doing everything to reach this level of quality.

To counterbalance, he catches up by explaining that at the office, he is of course always equipped with samsung devices. These statements, even of a private nature, may well have an impact on the tensions that have been binding Samsung and Apple for several months. Without a doubt, Young Shon should be pulled up the suspenders