Samsung could counter Qualcomm with a full SoC at the end of the year

Samsung could counter Qualcomm with a full SoC at the end of the year

The group Samsung seeks independence in mobile chips and this strategy should manifest itself in the absence of SoC SnapDragon 810 the launch of its Galaxy S6 smartphone in a few weeks, in favor of a home processor Exynos 7420.

Samsung Exynos 7 Octa History does not yet say if the Korean group will completely ignore the high-end SoC of the specialist in mobile chips but it is undoubtedly the first step of a desire for independence which could be accompanied other initiatives.

And precisely, the Business Korea says the semiconductor subsidiary Samsung LSI would be responsible for a project to develop a integrated platform bringing together the application processor and the modem in one chip, with mass production planned for the last quarter 2015.

This integrated platform signed Samsung could then be integrated into a smartphone Galaxy S7 launched around March 2016. The Korean giant would thus have an almost complete platform (the GPU issue is not mentioned but it is still possible to go through architecture ARM Mali) as already proposed by its supplier Qualcomm with its SnapDragon ranges, by reducing its dependence on the intellectual property of the latter but also by allowing it to develop its own specificities.

This could be particularly useful if the Korean group turns away from Android to promote other platforms such as Tizen OS. And if Samsung still uses Qualcomm modems, which remain a benchmark in high-end, things could change before the end of the year.