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Samsung could be fined $ 15 billion

Samsung could be fined $ 15 billion

Samsung could face a colossal fine for trying to ban the sale of the iPhone and other Apple-branded devices in Europe, reports The Guardian.


According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the European Commission could impose a fine of 15 billion dollars on the Korean manufacturer for having used “standard & essential” patents in its legal battle against Apple. This represents approximately 10% of Samsung’s annual sales.

The investigation carried out by the European Commission since January 2012 made it possible to lift the veil on the strategy of the Korean group, which used all the legal means at its disposal to try to slow down Apple in its rise.

However, FRAND patents define technologies commonly used by most manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. European legislation indicates that these cannot be used in court. The other marks are certainly obliged to submit to it but can ask justice to decide on a reasonable license price paid to the owner of the patent.

According to the commission, Apple would have tried to reach an agreement with Samsung without the Korean manufacturer finding common ground with the firm Apple. Samsung, which had asked Europe to ban the continent's iPhone and iPad, withdrew its request just days after realizing its mistake. The firm then sent a press release, again mentioning its wish to reach an agreement. This little "mistake" could mark the brand close to 10% of its annual turnover.

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