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Samsung copies new Apple into store layout

Samsung copies new Apple into store layout

Samsung and Apple may clash in court for plagiarism, this does not prevent the first to continue to copy its model. The latest example? An open Samsung Store Sydney, which takes up almost the same structure as Apple Stores …

The new Samsung Store in Sydney seems to be cheerfully inspired by the structure of Apple Stores around the world. Certainly, from the outside, the two shops don't have much in common. Still good, some would say, since Apple has a patent to protect the exterior design of its shops … From the inside, however, the Samsung Store looks like an Apple Store, from the floor in wooden slats to the displays in through the young and dynamic staff. Fortunately for Samsung, Apple does not have a patent to protect its internal organization in stores.

Having said that, it must be recognized that it can be difficult to innovate in this sector, on the one hand because Apple practically created a concept alone in this field, and on the other hand because even the operators copy the idea of ​​aligned displays, wooden slats and large spaces allowing circulation…

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(Source: Mashable)