Samsung continues its Apple tour

Samsung continues its Apple tour

South Korean group Samsung Electronics said on Friday that it has filed lawsuits against Apple for himself had filed a complaint against Samsungaccusing him of copying his iPad and iPhone.

Samsung said it had filed its lawsuit Thursday in a Soul court, saying the Cupertino company had infringed its patents. Other lawsuits have been filed in Tokyo and Mannheim (Germany), the group said.

"Samsung will actively respond to legal action against (him) to protect his intellectual property and ensure further innovation and growth in the mobile communications sector", said Samsung in a statement.

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that the South Korean electronics glove's smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablet copied iPhone and iPad. Samsung officials, quoted by Yonhap, suspect Apple of violating Samsung's patents on wireless technology.

“Apple is one of our first buyers of semiconductors and screens. However, we have no choice but to respond vigorously this time. ”, said an unidentified official quoted by Yonhap this week. Apple was Samsung’s second largest customer in 2010, behind Sony, accounting for 4% of its annual revenue of 155 trillion won (142 billion dollars, 99 billion euros).

According to Wall street journal, Apple accuses Samsung of copying the appearance, design, packaging and user interface of its products. Apple says Samsung has violated several Apple patents and trademarks.

The Galaxy Tab is the iPad’s best-selling competitor, which dominates the growing market for touchscreen devices. Patent lawsuits are common between technology gloves in the United States, and Apple is currently in conflict with Finnish Nokia, Tawanese HTC and American handset maker Motorola, among others.

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