Samsung asks iPhone users to wake up ... (update)

Samsung asks iPhone users to wake up … (update)

In a new communications campaign, Samsung sent “activists” to an Apple Store in Sydney to brandish the message “Wake up!”. A new attempt by the South Korean brand to try to attract new customers as it prepares to market the Samsung Galaxy SIII.


Obviously, Samsung is not done with Apple yet, especially iPhone users. After having launched, a few months ago, a series of videos in which it tries to ridicule users of the pomm smartphone, the South Korean brand now releases heavy artillery with a new communication campaign which aims to make even more noise … Indeed, it is under the slogan “WAKE UP” (Awake!) That this new campaign takes place in which Samsung will try to dissuade current users and potential iPhone buyers from thinking differently… While many billboards displaying this slogan are already in place in the city of Sydney, this new campaign really started yesterday when “activists”, sent by Samsung, stood in front of the Apple Store in the largest Australian city. Dressed in black clothes, the latter brandished signs displaying the famous slogan "WAKE UP" and tried to make maximum noise by shouting in front of the customers of the Apple store and its staff who remained mduss. Not sure that this small attempt by Samsung could have a deterrent effect, a few days after the announcement of the introduction of its new Galaxy SIII smartphone. However, the South Korean brand will once again succeed in making people talk about it …

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Update May 1: RIM has finally confirmed the origin of this communication campaign.

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