Samsung announces the arrival of 90 Hz OLED displays for PC in 2021

Samsung Display has announced that it is producing large quantities of OLED screens for laptops. These tiles have the particularity of being equipped with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and will have to be used by many manufacturers in the near future.

Samsung OLED

OLED screens on PCs are still very rare, and above all very expensive. But they could soon become commonplace, thanks to Samsung Display. The manufacturer has indeed announced the start of production of 14-inch OLED panels with 90Hz refresh rate for the laptop world.

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Mass production will begin in March, meaning equipped PCs would arrive in the following months. Samsung display did not name the builders who will benefit from these new panels, but we can easily imagine that the market leaders will use them on their flagship ultra-portable.

OLED, a notable improvement over LCD

Today, most laptops on the market have IPS LCD screens. These panels are often 60 Hz (except on gaming laptops). The arrival of such a slab would therefore be a notable improvement. OLED brings several advantages over IPS LCD. The most important is much higher contrast, with very deep blacks and bright whites. The maximum brightness is also higher, to make working outdoors much more readable.

Samsung Display also promises democratization 90 Hz refresh rate, which makes navigation more pleasing to the eye. The manufacturer claims that on an OLED panel, 90 Hz is equivalent to 120 Hz on an IPS panel. Samsung has been teasing the upcoming arrival of OLED in the world of laptops for some time. Today, we finally have something concrete with the announcement of this mass production. If democratization will not necessarily take place in 2021, it is in any case a big step forward.

Now all you have to do is wait manufacturer announcements which, we suspect, will praise the qualities of OLED panels on their future products. Samsung Display did not specify if the Blade Bezel panel, presented recently and equipped with a camera under the screen, was affected by this announcement.