Samsung and Apple: the amicable negotiation failed

Samsung and Apple: the amicable negotiation failed

For the past two days, the CEOs of Apple and Samsung have met to discuss issues of patent disagreement. The American justice had asked the two gloves to meet to discuss the problem. Presumably, no solution would have been found and the two companies will end up in court next July …

Samsung and Apple have engaged in a merciless fight in court for the past few months. A situation which annoys the American Justice which would like to put an end to this fight. This is why she proposed to the CEOs of Samsung and Apple to meet to discuss the problem and try to reach an agreement.

After two days of discussions, it seems that Apple and Samsung have not found an agreement. Samsung, which no doubt wanted to limit the damage with cross-licenses, probably did not manage to impose its opinion. Consequently, the two companies will find themselves in court next July.

Partners in the production of devices, and enemies in terms of patents, the two companies maintain a tumultuous relationship that could lead to major organizational changes in the coming months, some believing that Apple will eventually favor other companies than Samsung in its partnerships…

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(Source: Korea Times)