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Samsung and Apple continue their collaboration

Samsung and Apple continue their collaboration

For a few days, a rumor has it that Samsung has decided to drop Apple and no longer supply the apple brand with LCD screens. A completely incorrect rumor according to a spokesperson for the company.

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the largest producers of LCD screens in the world. The glove coren has faced Apple for years in court, however, and the conflicting relationship between the two companies had recently been soured with the ban on selling several Samsung terminals in certain countries.

While rumor has it that Samsung will permanently release Apple for its other customers, it seems that Samsung Display is not ready to say goodbye to the American glove. A spokesperson for Samsung Display said the rumor was 100% inaccurate and that “Samsung Display never intended to stop supplying Apple.”A statement that puts an end to the rumors of divorce from the two companies, which will continue to collaborate for a while longer.

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(Source: CNET)