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A complete password manager

00C8000008737514-photo-saferpass.jpgSaferPass is an Android application for managing, preserving and protecting passwords and identifiers for online accounts, social networks and payment cards. The service requires the prior creation of a personal account so that the user can find all of their identifiers on iOS but also on Windows thanks to SaferPass for Chrome.

How to do ?

Initially, it is possible to add all the passwords for many sites, networks and online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, eBay, Reddit, Paypal or Amazon.

Of course, the application allows the creation of a personalized account, just mention the name of the website, the user name, the password and any notes. Note also that the application is protected by a PIN code defined by the user.

Its flagship features

In addition to managing identifiers, SaferPass brings the random creation of passwords with the possibility of modifying the number of characters, lower case letters, upper case letters as well as numbers and special characters. All the passwords generated are then saved.

In addition, the application integrates the tool Secure me which deletes browsing history and automatically disconnects all sessions SaferPass open on Android, iOS or on PC.

A simple solution to use

In terms of ergonomics, the application is available in French and has an intuitive and pleasant interface on both smartphones and tablets.