Safari Technology Preview: the 7th version is available

Safari Technology Preview Mac - Safari Technology Preview : la 13e mouture est disponible


Posted: June 22 2016
Updated: June 27, 2016

by benjamin

As expected, Apple has just released a new update for its future browser for Mac, Safari Technology Preview. With the latter, we arrive at the 7th version and of course, improvements and bug fixes are on the program.

Safari Technology Preview Mac - Safari Technology Preview: 7th version is availableAs a reminder, Safari Technology Preview is an experimental version of a browser that the apple company wishes to highlight. Launched for the first time last March, it benefits from greater stability and better performance compared to the current browser (Safari). Besides, you can already take advantage of these improvements by installing it on your Mac, especially since it does not block the operation of the browser already installed.

For this 7th version, Apple has notably made some changes in JavaScript, CSS, Web inspector, Web APIs, media, or rendering. If you want to test this new update and take advantage of all the new features, you can download it here. It is also possible to update directly from the Mac App Store for those who already have the 6th version.