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Safari Technology Preview: the 16th Release is available

Apple’s future browser for Mac is still in development. The new updates follow one another for a few months and one should not be far from the release date of the final version. Last night, the apple company released the 16th release of the experimental version of its future browser.

Dubbed Safari Technology Preview, it offers the advantage of being both more efficient and more stable. For the moment, it is aimed more specifically at developers. However, simple users who want to take advantage of all its new features also have the option of installing it on their computer and testing it.

safari technology preview - Safari Technology Preview: the 16th Release is availableApple ensures that Safari Technology Preview does not interfere with the proper functioning of your current browser (Safari) and the two can work very well together. For this 16th version, Apple has made some changes to the Parser URL, the API for game controllers, the media, CSS, JavaScript, the Fetch API, the Web inspector, the Web APIs , accessibility, Shadow DOM and other services that you can check out here.

If you want to install Safari Technology Preview 16 on your computer, you can go to this address for macOS Sierra. The update is done on the other hand from the Mac App Store for all those who already have the 15th version.