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Safari Technology Preview: the 15th release is available

Two weeks after the release of the 14th version, Apple has recently released the 15th release for Safari Technology Preview. As a reminder, this is still only an experimental version of the next browser that will equip Macs. It is announced as much more stable and more efficient and is aimed more particularly at developers. However, it is also possible for simple users to install it on their computer and take advantage of its functionality.

Safari Technology Preview - Safari Technology Preview: the 15th release is availableSafari Technology Preview can work very well with the current Safari browser and there is no interference between the two. For this new update, changes have been made and bug fixes have been made. This time they concern JavaScript, Web APIs, CSS, Web APIs, Web inspector, accessibility, URL management, security, Safari extensions and others that you can consult at this address.

If this 15 version of Safari Technology Preview interests you, you can already download it here for OS X El Capitan and there for macOS Sierra. And as usual, anyone who already has the previous version (14th release) can update from the Mac App Store.