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Safari Technology Preview: the 13th version is available

Although its efforts are mainly concentrated on its various operating systems in recent times, Apple does not forget to offer new updates for the experimental version of its future browser for Mac. Indeed, the 13th release of the Safari Technology Preview is now available for download. As usual, the apple firm made some changes and also fixed some bugs.

For this new version, changes have therefore been made mainly in JavaScript, Web APIs, Web Inspector, CSS, rendering, Fetch API, security and plugins. To consult the complete list of new features, you can go to this address.

Safari Technology Preview Mac - Safari Technology Preview: the 13th version is availableAs a reminder, Safari Technology Preview is still only at an experimental stage today. It is primarily intended for developers, but other users are also entitled to install it on their computer. This version can work very well at the same time your current browser and contrary to what one might think, it does not in any way hamper its proper functioning.

If you want to install Safari Technology Preview on your Mac, you can download it from this address if you are on OS X El Capitan or via this link if you are on macOS Sierra. On the other hand, if you already have the 12th release, you just need to go to the Mac App Store to update.