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Safari Technology Preview: Apple releases the 14th version

At Apple, the project is still progressing with regard to the development of its future browser for Mac. Indeed, it has just posted a new update of Safari Technology Preview. As you probably already know, this is the experimental version of Safari and it is now available in its 14th release. As usual, it is primarily intended for developers so that they can be aware of new features that will arrive soon.

safari technology preview 8th release - Safari Technology Preview: Apple releases the 14th versionIn this new version of Safari Technology Preview, the changes made mainly concern Safari extensions, JavaScript, Apple Pay service, Web Inspector, content recovery APIs, rendering, WebDriver and other services that you can consult at this address. All this should notably bring even more stability and performance to this new browser which is still under development.

As a reminder, it is possible for everyone to test Safari Technology Preview on their Mac. It does not replace the current Apple browser (Safari) and can work very well at the same time. If you want to take advantage of all its new features, you can already download the 14th version via this link for OS X El Capitan and this one for macOS Sierra. However, anyone who already has the 13th version can update from the Mac App Store.