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Safari Technology Preview: Apple releases 18th version

After the 17th version launched last week, Apple has just released the 18th release for Safari Technology Preview. The period of 15 days between each update is therefore no longer relevant. The company has decided to shorten it and it is now a week old.

As a reminder, Safari Technology Preview is an experimental version of the future browser of the firm with the apple for its Mac. It is supposed to be more stable and more efficient and therefore allows users to enjoy a better experience in web browsing. For the moment, this browser is still specially addressed to developers so that they can have an overview of the new features to come. However, simple users can also test it and they just have to install it on their computer.

Safari Technology Preview - Safari Technology Preview: Apple releases 18th versionFor this new update, the changes made by Apple concern input events, JavaScript, Shadow DOM, Web inspector, CSS, rendering, Indexed Database 2.0, accessibility, printing, HTTP authentication , web APIs, etc. The full list of new features can be viewed at this address.

Finally, anyone wishing to try the 18th version of Safari Technology Preview can download the application here. However, the update is done directly from the Mac App Store for developers who already have the 17th version.