Safari Technology Preview: 6th version available

Safari Technology Preview - Safari Technology Preview : Apple relâche la 18e version


Posted: June 9 2016
Updated: June 9, 2016

by benjamin

Two weeks after the launch of the fifth version, Apple has released the 6threlease of his future web browser Safari for Mac. As you probably already know, this is still only an experimental version of the application and it is primarily intended for developers.

This does not mean that ordinary users cannot test it. On the contrary, anyone can download and try it on their Mac. Besides, Safari Technology Preview can work very well in parallel with the default Safari browser.

Safari Technology Preview - Safari Technology Preview: 6th version availableFor this new update, Apple has made some changes and improvements in terms of JavaScript, CSS, Web API, Web Inspector, or media. Of course, bug fixes are also planned for this 6th version. And as always, it will benefit from greater stability and better performance in navigation.

Would you like to try the 6th release of Safari Technology Preview on your Mac? You can already download it from this address. However, if you already have the fifth version on your computer, you can update directly from the Mac App Store.