The Interview is a recipe. Sony boss reports vicious cyber attack

Russia shows support for North Korea and criticizes the United States

After hacking the servers of Sony Pictures in reaction to the studio's desire to broadcast the film The Interview / The interview that kills! telling the humorous story of two journalists preparing for the assassination of the North Korean leader, the United States government, through the FBI, pointed to a Pyongyang action, while specifying that he did not see in it an act of war but a case of cybervandalism very expensive.

The-Interview-film North Korea responded by denying its involvement and offering to conduct a joint investigation to demonstrate this, a proposal immediately rejected by the White House.

Since then, the trail of a North Korean hacking has raised many questions and many observers question this hypothesis.

The China, the main supporter of North Korea and provider of its Internet access, took care not to point the finger at its ally while condemning the act of piracy and it is now Russia's turn to question the allegations of the US government.

In an official press release, the russian government considered that the anger of Pyongyang, who expressed his annoyance towards the diffusion of the film The Interview, was "understandable"and pointed out that Washington had no evidence of North Korea's involvement in the Sony hack.

The Russian foreign minister also said that threats of reprisals from the United States were "counterproductive"and"dangerous"insofar as they fuel tensions on the Korean peninsula (South Korea being a close ally of the United States while North Korea is supported by China and to a lesser extent Russia) and are likely to lead to an escalation.

On the US side, the film The Interview was finally released on December 25 in theaters and for online purchase / rental in a gesture aimed above all at invoking the freedom of expression and the refusal to give in to intimidation … which does not prevent Sony from trying to recoup its investment of several tens of millions of dollars, taking advantage of an aura that the film, massacred by critics, would undoubtedly have never had.