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Runtastic PRO Running is free instead of € 4.99

Runtastic PRO Running is free instead of € 4.99

  • IPhone apps
  • Apple Watch

runtastic-gps-pro-monitoring-race ipa iphoneRuntastic PRO "Running" (App, iPhone, v7.1, 4/5, VF, 136 MB, iOS 8.0, runtastic) goes to free instead of € 4.99, the good way to get into sport after the holiday season.

Acquired by Adidas and listed among the best apps of its kind, Runtastic offers you to record via GPS your physical and sports activities (distance, duration, speed, change in altitude, calories burned and other) to help you build habits. healthy lives and help you reach your workout goals!

The app manages running, jogging, cycling and walking. Ideal for anyone in fact.

By taking this PRO version, you benefit from:

  • True voice coach: audio feedback based on your personal preferences
  • Auto pause: session automatically on pause when you stop moving
  • No advertising
  • Route: create or find routes on and synchronize with your smartphone
  • Challenge a race: compete against yourself by challenging old results
  • Colored lines: colors indicate changes, such as pace and altitude
  • Training goals: select the heart rate zone, calorie or rhythm goals to optimize the training
  • Interval training, coaching and pace charts
  • Can be used for running, jogging, biking, skating, cross country skiing and cycling

Little more if you have an Apple Watch: the app monitors your heart rate directly on your wrist.

Download Runtastic GPS PRO Tracking, Walking for free

runtastic-gps-pro-monitoring-race ipa iphone