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Rumors: table and analysis of Apple 2013 releases

graphique sorties apple 2013 - Rumeurs : tableau et analyse des sorties Apple 2013

graphique sorties apple 2013 - Rumeurs : tableau et analyse des sorties Apple 2013

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from the research firm KGI Researche estimates announced by a summary table what we can expect for the release of Apple products for this year 2013.

Apple 2013 release graph - Rumors: table and analysis of Apple 2013 releases

The famous MacRumors site also noted (in English) the following specifications:


Kuo expects Apple to present both an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 “reviewed” around June or July of this year, the iPhone 5S appears very similar to the current iPhone 5, but carrying a number of ” improvements, including an A7 chip for better performance, a fingerprint sensor, and camera improvements like an f2.0 aperture and a smart LED flash. He also believes that the lower-cost iPhone will in many ways be a simple refurbished and slightly thicker iPhone 5 (8.2mm versus 7.6mm currently) with a plastic case available in six colors.

iPhone 5S features - Rumors: table and analysis of Apple 2013 releases

iPad and iPad mini

According to Kuo, Apple will update the 2 lines during the third quarter of the year, with Retina screen for the iPad mini which will be the most notable change. It also predicts that the iPad will become considerably thinner and lighter and adopt a thinner frame like on the iPad mini.

MacBook Pro

Kuo believes that Apple will end its range of MacBook Pro “non-Retina” and offer a fully Retina range at more affordable prices.

MacBook Air

Regarding MacBook, Kuo does not think that Apple integrates the Retina because of the thickness of it. However, he thinks that he will integrate Intel chips on a Haswell platform which will be the main upgrade for the machines, the update to come maybe at the end of the second quarter.

Desktop computers

Kuo notes that the iMac redesign has been well received, but he doesn’t see any Retina displays coming for the lineup in 2013. He is simply planning a change to the Haswell platform for the iMac and Mac mini in the fourth quarter of the year.

iPod touch

Apple is said to have discontinued the fourth-generation iPod touch, which is currently on sale with new fifth-generation models. In order to fill this gap, Kuo estimates that Apple will introduce a fifth-generation back-scale of the model with 8 GB of storage and no rear cameras for $ 199.

Apple tv

Kuo is planning a minor update to the existing Apple TV product no later than this quarter, but it does not offer details on what the update would entail. He also notes that an Apple TV is unlikely to appear in 2013, with content issues and a lack of experience in the TV industry pushing things until 2014.