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Rumor: iPhone 2019 still in Lightning

Rumeur : liPhone 2019 toujours en Lightning

Rumeur : liPhone 2019 toujours en Lightning

  Rumor: iPhone 2019 still in Lightning

With the keynote of April 4, 2019 approaching, several rumors have emerged recently. The iPhone and its Lightning port are no exception.

According to Macotakara, the iPhone which should be released this year still does not have a USB-C port. However, a step has been taken since there is a Lightning to USB-C adapter.

The advantages of USB-C compared to the Lightning port

Remember that USB-C has three major advantages for the end user, on the one hand we find this port more and more used by all manufacturers, which will make the much easier connectivity between devices.

On the other hand the USB-C offers a faster device charging. Indeed, the Lightning port will charge the iPhone to a maximum power of 12W, while a USB-C port can support up to 100W with the appropriate charger, all without damaging the battery.

Finally, the USB-C transmits data much faster than the Lightning notably thanks to its 24 pins against 8 pins on the Lightning. USB-C can reach 10Gbit / s, it’s pretty impressive.

If, this year the iPhone still does not seem to join its colleague the iPad Pro with its USB-C charging, it seems that it is on the right track.


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