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Rumor: a Appel Pencil stylus with iPhone 7?

apple pencil - Rumeur : un stylet Appel Pencil avec l

apple pencil - Rumeur : un stylet Appel Pencil avec l

Within 48 hours of the official presentation of theiPhone 7, rumors about the phone continue to fuel the web. As usual, most of them confirm the previously mentioned hallway noises. Others, however, introduce new elements. This is for example the case with this information which is not entirely new, but which suggests that the iPhone 7 will be entitled to a Apple pencil so far reserved for the iPad Pro.

apple pencil - Rumor: a stylus Appel Pencil with the iPhone 7?The story goes back to May of May, when Tim Cook had an interview with the Indian media. NDTV. During this little interview, the CEO of Apple had a speech that the site Daring Fireball analyzed again, and who put him on the path of a possible arrival of a stylus with the iPhone 7. Here is the sentence in question: “And if you’ve already seen what can be created on an iPhone or an iPad with the Pencil, it’s really incredible”.

As you can see from this statement, Tim Cook here evokes the word “iPhone” in association with the word “Pencil”. Although this does not seem anything at first glance, it could well be that the boss of the Apple launched us on the track of an Apple Pencil with the iPhone 7 at that time.