[RUMEUR] The release of an iPad 4 in 2012

iPad 4 300x212 - [RUMEUR] La sortie d


Posted: January 8 2012Updated: January 8, 2012

by TanguyH

Hi jailbreakers,

Many of you are eagerly awaiting the new technologically advanced gadgets designed by Apple. We are all waiting for this famous iPhone 5 and this iPad 3… And yet it is the iPad 4 that is buzzing at the moment.

iPad 4 300x212 - [RUMEUR] The release of an iPad 4 in 2012

Several relatively reliable sources say it may be possible admire the iPad 3 by March. But lately the net contains other information: rumors concerning iPad 4. Digitimes, a benchmark for Apple news at the American level, announced that it is possible there would be an iPad 4 en route for the month of October, this one would be phenomenal power and would have suffered some slight design changes.. But meanwhile we know the rumors, and we know that it is better to be wary of them. This is why we will continue to analyze this rumor.

From the moment that Apple really became popular, the release of the first iPhone, we could see a iPhone release on an annual basis. The first iPhone was released in July 2007, followed by 3G in July 2009, the 4 in June 2010 and the 4S in October 2011, with of course the 4 8GB version. This phenomenon is the same for the iPad, the first iPad was presented to us in 2010 followed by the iPad 2 in 2011.

Concretely, if we can see a launch of a model of each iOS device per year, why would Apple suddenly change its strategy? Is it a myth, a rumor, a change because of the departure of our dear Steve Jobs? Unfortunately, we don’t know how to answer it…

“So, change of strategy, myth, rumor, buzz, ..? You have to tell me !”