[Rumeur] NFC postponed to 2012 by Apple?

nfc iphone ipad - [Rumeur] Le NFC reporté à 2012 par Apple ?


Posted: March 14 2011Updated: March 14, 2011

by juju67

nfc iphone ipad - [Rumeur] NFC postponed to 2012 by Apple?

For months already, a rumor suggested that the iPhone 5 would have an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip then allowing contactless payment (as already exists on some phones with NRJ Mobile).

Apple seems to want to develop its own technology and therefore contacted European operators to inform them of their choice, and that it will not be for this year!

So when is this integration in our favorite smartphone? Competitors certainly have a slight lead at this point because NFC already exists, although few traders now use this means of payment.

Question: Are you interested in NFC?