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Rovio announces the arrival of Angry Birds Heikki

Rovio announces the arrival of Angry Birds Heikki

Finnish software company Rovio has announced the upcoming release of "Angry Birds Heikki", a new take on its F1-focused Angry Birds game.

Rovio continues to ride the wave of success with his Angry Birds license. Indeed, the publisher announced on Monday the arrival of a new version of its game dedicated to volatile famous. Called “Angry Birds Heikki”, the game will be focused on F1 and will be in a way a tribute Heikki Kovalainen, an F1 driver who was recently seen wearing a helmet in the colors of the franchise's red bird. It remains to be seen whether this new installment will simply include a graphic update related to the world of F1 and / or a new gameplay?

Recall that the Finnish company recently announced that she was about to launch a new game, Amazing Alex, which takes up an already existing concept. It will in fact be a modernization of the game Casey’s Contraptions for which Rovio obtained the rights from its creators Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

Angry Birds Heikki will be available on the App Store and Google Play on June 18.

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