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Ron Johnson leaves Apple – Belgium-iPhone

Ron Johnson leaves Apple - Belgium-iPhone

Ron Johnson, Vice President Retail at Apple, leaves the Cupertino firm to assume the role of CEO at JC Penney, a large distribution chain which manages 1,107 stores in the United States, but also other specialized distribution networks (such as Sephora Optical). The announcement was formalized by press release, and Mr. Johnson will take up his new duties on November 1. He will already join the company's board of directors on August 1.

“I always dreamed of becoming CEO of a large retail brand”said Johnson, the second major Apple executive to leave the company within months of Bertrand Serlet.

Arriving at J.C. Penney's, Ron Johnson will invest as much as $ 50 million of his personal funds in the company, which commits him for at least six years. A time that will probably be necessary for him to redefine the foundations of this society and restore its image while allowing it to regain real growth.

Apple was quick to respond to the situation, stating that it was actively looking for a replacement for Ron Johnson. A reaction that suggests that the replacement could come from outside.

React on the forum.

An interview with Ron Johnson at the opening of the Apple Store in Upper West Side New York in November 2009: