ROG Phone 4 (5): new photos reveal an RGB screen on the back cover

Asus has gone to great lengths for its next ROG Phone: an RGB screen would also be on the back cover of the gaming smartphone. This is indeed what new stolen photos that have appeared on Twitter reveal. There is again the number 5, which would indicate that the manufacturer would skip the number 4 for its future model.

  asus rogue 5 rgb screen
Credits: Mukul Sharma via Twitter

Yesterday you were shown the first stolen photo of ROG Phone 4, indicating that Asus’ next gaming smartphone is about to be announced. Two new snaps surfaced today on Twitter, this time revealing back and front of the phone. Posted by the renowned leaker Mukul Sharma, these reveal a significant detail about the design of the device: its back cover is equipped an RGB screen.

The ROG logo decked out in LEDs formerly present at this location would therefore have given way. In the photo, the screen shows four red arrows, but it is very likely that the smartphone gives the possibility of customize display to, perhaps, reconfigure the appearance of the logo. As the previous stolen photo showed, the rest of the design has changed little since the ROG Phone 3,. The front of the phone shows an application called “ROG Vision“, But no information has been communicated about it.

ROG Phone 4 could actually be called ROG Phone 5

We find in the photos the number 5 on the back cover of the smartphone, above the RGB screen. According to some sources, this number could indicate that Asus would go directly from ROG Phone 3 to ROG Phone 5. Indeed, the number 4 brings bad luck in China and many manufacturers in the region decide not to use it to name their devices. This was particularly the case with OnePlus.

Still no trace, however, of the ventilation system dear to Asus on its gaming smartphones. The latter could therefore be found inside, along with the other components. If this is the case, the ROG Phone 5 would be the first in its range to be able to boast of being waterproof.

Asus has yet to announce a launch date for the smartphone. However, a teaser posted by the firm on the Chinese social network Weibo, as well as the latest stolen photos seem to point to an upcoming exit. With the Snapdragon 888 now officialized by Qualcomm, the manufacturer should be ready to start production.