RockPlayer Lite1.7.2

RockPlayer Lite1.7.2

Simply excellent, RockPlayer is one of the best multimedia and multi-format players available on Google’s Android Market. While waiting for some efforts on the interface, some additional functions and a French translation, the whole is to be discovered without further delay!

Few of the Android and other Smartphone users use your phone as a video player. The reason is simple. To enjoy your video files, you must go through third-party conversion software installed on a computer to adapt them to the right format. Never mind, Clubic invites you to discover an excellent free and practical solution developed for Android that will free you from these constraints!

The media player RockPlayer will allow you to play all your videos and music on Android without having to convert them first. Just transfer them as is to your Android phone to play them directly. Complete, this software supports an impressive list of video, audio and subtitle formats and containers: Avi, Divx, MKV, Flv, Ogg, Xvid, Mpg, Flac, Rmvb, Mp4, Mov, Wmv, Asf, Wma, Wav, TS, Mpa, Dvd, Au, Mp3, Mid, Ivf, Aiff, Str, Ogm, Cda, Flic, D2v, Aac, Roq, Drc, Dsm, Swf, Pls, Pmp, Svq, MPEG-1, MPEG- 2, RealVideo.

The set offers a quick grip. After transferring your files to your phone, launch the application. It will display the list of files and folders found in the root of your removable storage memory card. You just need to navigate to the directory containing your files. It will indicate at the same time their name, their format as well as their size. You just have to click on one of them to start reading. It will store the reading position and allow you to return to it automatically.

During playback, you will have several control buttons to best adapt the format of the video to your screen, pause, fast forward or rewind. There is also a classic progression line for moving around the file with a simple tap. By default, it will display the time and the percentage of battery remaining. A last blue button will show you some additional information about the container, formats, resolution and weight of your file. To make the whole disappear, you just have to click on your video.

On the settings side, you will be able to activate the hardware acceleration, the automatic launch of the subtitles associated with your video files, but also to modify the size and the color of the text. In addition, you will be able to hide the information concerning the use of the battery, display only the multimedia files in the explorer and reveal the hidden files. A final option “Clear History” will allow you to clear the reading history.

Regarding performance, overall RockPlayer gave us complete satisfaction. Tested on the Nexus One from Google, reading is as smooth as moving in the file. Video / audio mismatches are extremely rare on conventional resolution videos and are usually automatically corrected. However, we noted some concerns with the handling of accents in French subtitles. In addition, both the application and the phone experienced difficulties with high definition “720p” videos. In the end, the quality of the results will mainly depend on the power of the processor on your phone.

RockPlayer Lite 1.6.0 update: Now, the editor offers a unique version for all Androphones present on the market, from the oldest to the latest models. For the occasion, the application has been renamed on the Android Market to “RockPlayer Lite”. This version is financed by advertising, the paid version being only available on the publisher’s site.

NB: Completely free and without limitation of function, these three versions are financed by advertising. A small banner is displayed at the bottom of the file explorer and alongside the playback control buttons. In addition, a message will remind you when starting the application that it is not activated for $ 10 on the publisher’s site. You just need to press the “Try” button to pass it quickly. Finally, note that the advertisements disappear in the event of the internet connection being cut in “Airplane Mode” or by cutting the Wi-Fi device. In the end, these advertising messages are not really annoying and only represent a small counterpart in the face of the excellent service offered.