Image 1 : OnePlus 8 Pro : une fuite involontaire de Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr's involuntary escape

A msaventure has arrived Robert Downey Jr, whose photo taken without his knowledge, a priori showing a OnePlus 8 Pro in his possession, was published on Instagram before being quickly removed.

Image 1: OnePlus 8 Pro: Robert Downey Jr's involuntary leakCrdit: OnLeaks / 91mobiles

Whether the leak was organized by OnePlus or not, it would confirm the imminent arrival of the new generation of smartphone of the range as well as previous leaks regarding its design.

A photo of the OnePlus 8 Pro publishes unfortunately?

We remember, OnePlus had appealed Robert Downey Jr asbrand ambassador. To promote the OnePlus 7, the famous actor was thus appeared in many media, smartphone in hand. It seems that the contract between Ironman and One Plus is continuing since it has just been photographed on a set by photographer Sam Jones who then posted one on his Instagram account. You could see the actor holding a clearly visible smartphone in his hand: a OnePlus 8 Pro if we believe the previous leaks regarding its design.

Although quickly removed, this photo has caught the attention of Robert Downey Jr fan club who has not failed to share it. She almost fully confirms 3D renderings which had been published since October. This photo seems to have been taken during the shooting of the advertisement for the smartphone. One can obviously ask the question of the prmditation or not the leak by OnePlus, possibly seeking to cause a media buzz before its launch. Anyway, this would confirm the upcoming arrival of this new smartphone.

This is elsewhere confirmed by 2 ads, more or less discordant regarding the release or announcement dates that have just appeared, confirming the leaks we told you about 2 weeks ago. Both come from leakers who have proven themselves in the past. The first comes from Max J who plans a release date April 15. For his part, Ishan Agarwal, claims that OnePlus to release March 23, at least for India. His sources indicate a release date April 14, although he admits that April 15 could be the release date for the rest of the world. 14 or 15, it seems that there is only a month to wait to have the OnePlus 8 and its 120 Hz screen in your hands.

Source: BGR