Roaming fees, packages, operators: everything that changes in 2017

Roaming fees, packages, operators: everything that changes in 2017

We've had it, Europe has done it: you can now use your data plan in all the countries of the European Union. The law takes effect today, so if you have planned a short break on the beaches of Barcelona or a visit of the Austrian castles, you can use Google Maps and any other app without fear of surcharges. Here is everything you need to know about the subject.

What the law says

As explained in the introduction, this law only concerns European countries (obviously the overseas is included in it) and the countries of Great Britain such as England (to name only one) because they are still part of Europe. Beyond Europe, things do not change and the surges are generally high, so be careful (especially in Switzerland, if you do not have a special package).

Overall, the rule is simple, all the advantages of your package can now be used on a European scale: unlimited SMS, unlimited calls, etc. Keep in mind that it is about itinerancy, it is to say from abroad to France, and not from France to the foreigner.

It is about itinerancy, that is to say from abroad to France, and not from France to the foreigner

Attention with the data

The only thing really different is the data. I'm sorry to tell you that you probably will not have as much money abroad as in France.

If the number of data is unlimited in France, then the amount of data abroad will depend on the price of your package. The calculation is not very simple: the Go of data is estimated 7.70 euros. If it is planned to lower the next years (6 euros in 2018 and 4.50 euros in 2019), it is important to understand how to calculate it.

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First, you need to know the price of your package. If it is more than 3.85 euros / GB, then it will be the same in France and in Europe. If this is not the case, then you must take your package price duty free, divide it by 7.70 and double the result. Rest assured, the amount of data available is rather high, you will not end up with 100 MB.

It's too abstract and you need an example? Many packages are 20 euros so imagine that's what you have. Duty free, that's 16 euros. You multiply by 2, that's 32 euros. You then divide by 7.70, that gives you 4.1 GB. Your amount of GB available abroad in roaming will be 4.1 GB.

Here is a small summary to avoid you having to make the calculations.

How much data per package?

Package price
Quantity of data in roaming (per month)
10 euros 2 GB
20 euros 4GB
30 euros 6 GB
40 euros 8GB
60 euros 12 GB
80 euros 16 GB

What are the operators already proposing?

Operators already offer packages and options to have more data abroad, it is likely that they continue in this spear to offer cheaper rates to users (for a fee, of course).

At Free Mobile, several Go are already available (25 GB for the package 20 euros). Bouygues Telecom, Sosh, SFR (SFR has set up a page dedicated to help its users) or Orange have adapted this new law and offer more packages than the law requires.

Do you think that all this is a big step forward, a step back or, on the contrary, it does not interest you at all?

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