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Riot.im0.9.10 is a good Android application which provides access to public and private communities and lounges and which offers solid functionalities: end-to-end encryption, decentralized servers and availability on all platforms. The Android version is great for chatting via instant messaging as well as audio and video conferencing. To discover !

Free and multi-media messaging is an instant messaging for Android allowing to create and join private or public rooms for personal and professional needs. Often cited as a free alternative to Slack, Riot has made a name for himself in the areas of cryptocurrencies and Linux distributions.

Presented here on Android, this instant messaging is also accessible on all media via a web interface but also on Windows, macOS and Linux computers as well as iOS tablets and smartphones.

Secure and decentralized conversations

Several choices are available to the user when creating an account, between a free account that uses the Matrix protocol or a Premium formula with Modular that allows self-hosting a mail server. Matrix is ​​a communication protocol, used by Telegram, IRC and Slack, which allows users of these services to chat with each other.

Riot also uses end-to-end encryption to protect conversations. Note that this encryption is disabled by default on lounges while it is enabled by default in discussions within videoconferences.

Fairs, communities and calls

Riot is a service based on public and private lounges created by its users and which are also devoted to a center of interest, a project or a community. Members can join a public lounge via a simple link or from the integrated search engine. An invitation is required to join private rooms.

Once in a salon, users are able to post messages, react with emojis, and share files and documents with other salon contacts. Communities can also be created, public as well as private, and bring together salons around ideas, projects and passions.

Another advantage for collaborative work, Riot allows you to converse face to face or in groups by audio and / or videoconference in a living room or within the framework of a private discussion between contacts and by invitation. Note that the application uses the free Jitsi service to guarantee videoconferences.

Android interface on Android allows quick and easy access to subscribed lounges, group chats and favorite lounges. The interface is well thought out, available in French and allows you to familiarize yourself with the Matrix protocol and its operation.