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Rider is a very good free game for Android combining skill, platform and race. It offers an atmosphere worthy of Tron, a well-gauged and growing difficulty, as well as many models of vehicles. To test with your eyes closed and to put your reflexes and patience to the test!

Tron with platform sauce on Android

Rider Difficult to evoke Rider without thinking about this masterpiece of science fiction of the 80s, so much the futuristic atmosphere, the neon lights and the catchy music refer to it. In this game, the objective is to bring your vehicle to the end of each level in story mode or beat the high score in free mode.

A ton of levels

In the world Levels the player can collect gems which will allow him to get his hands on new vehicles. On this last point, the performances remain the same, only the aesthetic changes.

The more the levels, the more the number of obstacles and their difficulty also increases, we will thus find mobile platforms, giant circular saws and other decelerators and other unlikely angles to block our path.

A neat atmosphere

Even if the ads are present in the free version, the atmosphere of the game does not suffer in particular thanks to a very 80’s soundtrack and graphics of rare elegance.